General Terms and Conditions

For fly fishing in Upper Bavaria with the Fliegenfischerschule Oberbayern:

All price listings for the courses, arrangements, workshops or guidings from the Fliegenfischerschule Oberbayern (Fly Fishing School of Upper Bavaria) include 19% MwSt (VAT).
Unless otherwise agreed, 50% of the fee is required as advance payment upon booking confirmation with the Fliegenfischerschule Oberbayern. After receipt of your booking registration, you will receive a written booking confirmation from us. We’ll contact you if the desired appointment time is already taken. If in this case it’s not possible for you to participate on an alternate date/time, we will of course return your advance payment. Please transfer the relevant fee to us.
The remaining fee is due before the course begins.
You may pay the remaining fee in cash or with EC-card in person. If your registration is short-notice, we can forego any separate advance payment.
In this case, the entire applicable fee is due before the course begins. Please note: for organizational reasons, group courses, seminars and workshops generally take place in all weather conditions. Please bring appropriate clothing and shoes.
On the other hand, in cases of private courses and guidings, short-notice weather or water-level related postponement of a booked appointment may be possible if both parties agree. If you need to cancel your participation for the booked appointment date, you may reschedule up to 14 days before start of the course.
In case of cancelation of your participation up to 7 days before course start, we reserve the right to charge a processing fee in the amount of 50.00 euros per person and course/seminar, which we’ll take from your advance payment. Please understand that in case of short-notice cancellation on your part (less than 7 days before course start or in cases of non-attendance) the Fliegenfischerschule Oberbayern will retain and not refund your advance payment in order to cover our downtime and reservation costs. If it’s necessary for us to cancel a course, arrangement, workshop or guiding on your chosen appointment date/time (e.g. in case of illness of the course leader), we will of course refund your entire advance payment amount immediately, unless you would prefer to change the appointment to another date.
Please also note:
Fly fishing is a relatively safe sport. Nevertheless – as with any outdoor activity - it’s impossible to eliminate all risks.
For this reason, participation in the courses, arrangements, workshops or guidings of Fliegenfischerschule Oberbayern is always at one‘s own risk. Liability on our part for damage to property or personal injury is therefore generally excluded.
Upon booking of or participation in our courses, arrangements, workshops or guidings, you declare yourself in agreement with our general terms and conditions.

Data protection and privacy

Your personal data will not be shared with any third party – we hold ourselves to this promise.
Your personal data will be collected, processed and used by us for the processing of your orders, registration, bookings or reservations, as well as for your information within the context of our business activities and processes.
For security reasons, please don’t send us any sensitive data like your bank details or credit/debit card number via computer.
Insofar as these data are needed for completion of your registration, reservation, booking or order, please transmit this information by phone or letter, or pay cashlessly, safely and conveniently by wire transfer to the following account:
VR-Bank Werdenfels
IBAN: DE27 7039 0000 0000 0340 10

Further information on data protection in our Privacy Policy.