Waters – Diversity is key!

With respect to diversity, structure and quality, the Upper Bavarian Alpine Foreland is unparalleled. Whether babbling mountain brooks, peaceful river meadows, large wild river systems or glass-clear mountain lakes; whether brook trout, rainbow trout or brown trout, Danube salmon, pike or graylings. You’ll find everything in our pristine and sustainably managed waters!

Fliegenfischen Gewässer Oberbayern

The waters fished by us and by our course participants are all located in the most significant nature reserves and conservation areas of the Alpine Foreland and north alpine region They are sustainably stocked once or twice a year as appropriate for local conditions. Almost all of these waters are of drinkable quality and run through unique but also very delicate habitats. We see this as both a privilege and a responsibility. The protection and conservation of these assets for future generations is our highest concern. Since these pristine systems are used not only by us but also particularly by native regional animal species like beavers, otters, herons, goosander, kingfishers and dippers, fluctuation in fish population is to be expected. This is particularly the case regarding water systems with significant flood-related drift. Some of our rivers and streams change their flow and therefore their fish populations almost yearly. These natural processes require fishers to have patience, powers of observation, good casting and fishing fundamentals as well as physical fitness and stamina in the case of some alpine locations. So if you’re looking for a glass-clear, completely obstacle-free, stocked to the brim and easy to fish stream right outside your hotel door, we’ll have to pass. However, if you’re out for an experience eye to eye with nature, confronted with clever and often wild-raised fish – then tight lines in the Ammergauer Alps!


We currently provide licenses for:

Obtainable by phone or in the Fly Shop.

Additionally, we reserve licenses for our course participants covering 10 different river/stream routes.

As a matter of course, we inform all fly fishers about current license allocation, water levels, fly patterns, etc.